Urnex SuperGrindz Grinder Cleaner




Dirty grinder? Clean it up with Urnex’s Supergrindz burr grinder cleaner. Reformulated to work for superautomatic espresso machines (most of which are near-impossible to disassemble for cleaning), simply add a capful to an empty hopper to clean out the oil and residue left behind by coffee beans.

How to use SuperGrindz

  • Remove all coffee from the bean hopper
  • Brew 2 large cups of coffee to use up all remaining beans in the grinding chamber
  • For superautomatics, add 26 g (1 full cap) of SuperGrindz
  • After adding the SuperGrindz, add 78 g of coffee (3 full caps) to the hopper
  • Brew 5 large cups of coffee, or until the pucks no longer contain traces of the yellow SuperGrindz tablets