Saeco 53mm Bottomless Portafilter




Get that rich, velvety shot of espresso right out of your machine with the customized 53mm Bottomless Portafilter. Suitable for most Saeco or Starbucks Espresso Machines, you’ll be able to watch the luscious crema pouring out of this portafilter in one fluid stream. The 53mm Bottomless Portafilter does not include filter baskets. Use one of the filter baskets that came with your espresso machine.

Compatible Machines

  • Saeco Aroma
  • Starbucks Barista
  • Saeco Via Venezia
  • Saeco Poemia
  • Saeco Via Veneto
  • Saeco Magic Cappuccino
  • Saeco Gran Crema
  • Saeco Classico
  • Estro Profi
  • La Pavoni Baretto