Espresso Parts 6′ x 6′ Countertop Rinser




Espresso Parts 6′ x 6′ Countertop Rinser

Made to easily install into any cafe, large or small, Espresso Parts countertop 6′ x 6′ rinser can sit right on your countertop next to any source of plumbing. Setting up a rinser by the espresso machine will make the sink less of a hotspot, and will allow busy baristas to stay at the coffee bar for as long as needed. Access to clean and prepped supplies will never be an issue as your rinser will allow baristas to clean as they go. Espresso parts has increased water pressure in this rinser so that it provides a powerful spray, and the rinsing star is equipped with non-slip ridges for added stability while rinsing. Organize your space with the full coffee making process in mind!

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