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Making great coffee requires great equipment!

Expensive grinders and brewers are important, but so are things like coffee cups, filters, and cleaning equipment. Here at Название магазина, we carry a wide range of accessories to help you complete your collection. Read on to learn more about our extensive coffee accessories collection, and shop with us today!

4lesstoday Coffee


ECM Convex Tamper. $55.99

  • Weight (Lbs) – 0.88
  • Base Material – Polished Steel
  • Base Style – Convex
  • Tamper Diameter – 58mm
  • Handle Material – Bakelite

A beautiful 58mm tamper designed by ECM, featuring a smooth bakelite plastic handle and a convex stainless steel base. The tamper is styled to match the aesthetics of ECM’s espresso machines making it a must have accessory for owners.

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Customer Reviews


I wouldn’t have thought that getting a new tamper from ECM would be anything other than a minor improvement, but its feel and weight have made for better shots. Would recommend.

Joel B

Verified Buyer

Nice weight. Love the shape. Works miles better than what was supplied. Highly recommend this product.

Paul S

Verified Buyer

Great tamper

Nicholas A.

Verified Buyer

If you have not tried a convex bottom tamper give it a try. I like the water dispersion with this type of tamp.

Andrew L

Verified Buyer